Wednesday, May 19, 2010

STUCO Elections

This year's STUCO elections have had a drastic change. The process that was used for a long time now was suddenly changed without the students input in the idea. Instead of each person competing for their own position such as President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer now everybody competes against EVERYBODY. It doesn't matter which position you wish to be. So it is extremely hard for those who have to choose because they do need to think about the positions, and try to choose people who are capable and the best choice to represent their class. But in my opinion this change was not the best choice the school has made. Most students are bothered and do not agree with this new system. Because if there are 4 students that win and all four of them were trying to win to become presidents it would be very hard to decide who would become what. Also some might not have the skills that are needed for some of the positions.It is a very strange idea because then many students also don't agree with some new statements that have been told and some changes that were established. As STUCO being an organization that represents students voices I think they should've at least asked the students what they thought about these changes before they were made.

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